Akira Toriyama’s coming returned for a new Dragon Ball series

Akira Toriyama’s coming returned for a new Dragon Ball series Dragon Ball writer Akira Toriyama has shifted to providing popular narrative guidance and personal designs for many of the franchise’s projects in recent years.

But for Dragon Ball Daima — a new lively collection from Toei — the mythical mangaka will be fingers-on in a large manner.



Today at this year’s New York Comic Con, Toei Animation introduced that it’s far properly into manufacturing on Dragon Ball Daima, a new collection on the way to see a number of conventional Dragon Ball Z characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma converted into youngsters just like the way Goku have become a baby in Dragon Ball GT.


executive producer Akio Iyoku described Toriyama as being “deeply worried beyond his typical capability” in its manufacturing technique and teased that he “has planned completely new episodes for the storyline.”


While Toei hasn’t shared much information about Daima, it did launch a new trailer that makes it appear like the show might take a bit of a meta course with a villain privy to Goku’s lengthy records across unique Dragon Ball anime and manga.

For reasons that aren’t clean, anybody featured appears to be an infant, and even as it stands to motive that someone uses the dragon balls to desire for it to appear, the trailer leaves open who that would be.

Plot details or no longer, the animation featured in the trailer is terrific, and Toriyama’s involvement is a sign that Dragon Ball Daima’s tale may % have a piece extra of a punch than GT’s did whilst it premieres someday next fall.

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