Emergency Alert Test Scheduled for Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20PM

Emergency Alert Test Scheduled for Wednesday, October 4 at 2:20 PM. According to a press release issued through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a national test of the Emergency Alert System will take vicinity on October 4, 2023, at 2:20 PM.


The countrywide test will encompass two tiers, trying out both Wireless

Emergency Alerts (WEA) and the Emergency Alert System (EAS).


The WEA portion of the check could be directed to all customer cellular phones. This can be the 0.33 nationwide test, however the second test for all cell devices.


The test message will display in both English and in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the Wi-Fi handset.


The EAS portion of the check may be despatched to radios and televisions. This may be the seventh national EAS take a look at.


The motive for taking a look is to make sure that the systems remain a powerful manner of warning the public approximately emergencies to a country-wide degree.


What to Expect from the WEA take a look at

All wi-fi telephones ought to acquire the message only as soon as possible. To help make certain that those indicators are accessible to the entire public, along with humans with disabilities, the indicators are followed by using a unique tone and vibration.


The following may be expected from the national WEA test:

  • Beginning at about 2:20 p.m. ET, cellular towers will broadcast the take a look at for approximately 30 minutes.
  • During this time, WEA-well-matched wireless phones that are switched on, inside a variety of lively cellular towers, and whose wireless issuer participates in WEA, must be capable of receiving the take a look at the message.
  • For customers, the message that looks on their phones will read: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is wanted.”
  • Phones with the primary menu set to Spanish will display: “ESTA ES UNA PRUEBA del Sistema Nacional de Alerta de Emergencia. No se necesita acción.”

What to assume from the EAS take a look at:

  • The EAS part of the test is scheduled to last about one minute and will be conducted with the participation of radio and television broadcasters, cable structures, satellite TV for pc radio and TV vendors, and wireline video vendors.
  • The test message will be similar to the everyday monthly EAS take a look at messages with which the public is acquainted.
  • It will state: “This is a national take look at the Emergency Alert System, issued by way of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, covering the USA from 14:20 to fourteen:50 hours ET.


  • This is the handiest check. No motion is required by means of the general public.

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