GG huhi claims it’ll be “smooth” to overcome Team BDS and make it to Worlds 2023

GG Huhi claims it’ll be “smooth” to overcome Team BDS and make it to Worlds 2023. Golden Guardians have one more huge hurdle in advance of them to make it to Worlds 2023, and Huhi believes the group is more than up to the venture.

He found out his biggest struggles and finest triumphs through the 12 months, the bittersweet feeling of looking at a hundred Thieves fail without him, and their matchup towards BDS within the Worlds Qualifying Series.



Saying that Golden Guardians have had one hell of a year might be a real understatement. Before 2023, they had no worldwide experience as a corporation.

Now, they’ve been given a few enjoy from MSI underneath their belts and a totally actual shot at making it to Worlds 2023.


The as-soon-as-mediocre LCS org has had a primary turnaround that few low-tier companies can hold after such a long record of middling performances and the scathing label of a group that sticks to “development rosters”.


And, even on a group that’s had a historic LCS run in 2023, Choi ‘huhi’ Jae-hyun stands out as one of the strongest participants and a participant who defines the team’s playstyle.


Dexerto sat with him ahead of Golden Guardians’ important in shape against Team BDS to get his thoughts before the series and ask him about the moments that have defined 2023 for him.


Hui’s large career resurgence with Golden Guardians


Hui’s been playing League of Legends competitively for an extended, long time. From making it to NA’s deepest worldwide run ever at MSI 2016 as CLG’s mid-laner to being relegated to 100 Thieves’ academy crew, his climb hasn’t been a steady one.


But the role swap to assist delivered new lifestyles to his career. He’s been one of the excellent helps in the location over the last few years, one whose rollercoaster of a career has given him a wealth of revel.


However, that is the primary year that his prowess as a player has been universally diagnosed in a way that places him on top of the area. Huhi has been checked out as one of Golden Guardians’ strongest players, something actually proven whilst he gained the guide all-seasoned vote by way of a pretty wide margin.


huhi himself became amazed at how a whole lot of that win was intended for him after years of competing.


“It without a doubt felt pretty weird. I’ve been gambling for a while now, however, I changed into always, like, right here and there on [all pro teams]. But I changed into never actually voted the primary all-seasoned, and this cut up become my first time getting it.”


“I guess I thought I could care less approximately it? It nonetheless made me truly satisfied, and it just keeps me going,? I’m satisfied that I’m nonetheless playing professionally, and it offers me motivation to hold going forward.”


However, the unexpected elation at his newfound accolade turned paired with the excellent unhappiness of having been knocked out of the LCS Summer Playoffs earlier than he expected.


Golden Guardians nearly managed an opposite sweep win against Team Liquid, but they in the long run failed and lost the set three.

This loss hit Huhi hard.


“I knew I became going to be particularly unhappy, but like, I didn’t recognize I became going to be that unhappy.


So, it made me assume again that I honestly don’t need to lose again. So yeah, I think, going into the BDS healthy, that’s my predominant goal.


“I don’t need to experience that feeling again, I don’t want my 12 months to be over but. So, I want to hold pulling ahead by way of beating BDS.”

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